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Cheap Trick is first headliner announced for annual Austin music fest
Cheap Trick is South by Southwest music festival’s first headlining act announcement for its annual festival, March 17-21 in Austin.
God of Wonders

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Easter Songs

A person’s Ipod is a private matter, it’s like reading someone’s musical diary, discovering their innermost love of lyrics. For these reasons, people sometimes want to keep this private matter just that: private. A self-proclaimed lover of country music, for instance, may be embarrassed to also have songs by Van Halen or Jay Z, a person solely into hardcore rap may hide the fact that he also has an affinity for John Tesh, and a person who attends heavy metal concerts dressed in black, a cigarette lighter aglow in hand, may not want anyone to find out that 90 percent of his Ipod is taken up by Bette Midler songs.

Yes, no matter what kind of music fan we claim to be – Yanni, anyone? – chances are we all have a song or two on our Ipod that causes us to engage in a little download denial. The following is a list of the best songs to place on your Ipod, but say that you didn’t:

Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus): This song, in my opinion, is a catchy little ditty, something you’d surely love to have on your Ipod. It’s a song that hits the mark whenever you need something to which you can tap your fingers or you are suddenly overwhelmed by that common yearn to two-step. Even though it’s great, when you put it on your Ipod don’t tell your friends, your achy breaky friends, I just don’t think they’d understand.

Kokomo (The Beach Boys): It’s true, this tune is more of a list of places you would like to visit than it is a song you should admit is on your Ipod. Nonetheless, “Kokomo” is still a good song. Not only is it The Beach Boys – a band that I think, I think, has had a hit or two – but it also reminds us of tropical weather, cocktails, and fun in the sun, making it a most important song to download during the cold and dreary winter months.

Any Song by Milli Vanilli: For me, hearing that Milli Vanilli were fakes was just like that time in tenth grade when I realized the Easter Bunny wasn’t real. As hard as this truth was to swallow, Milli Vanilli songs are still good: whoever the real singers are, they can really carry a tune. Hits such as “Blame it on the Rain” and “Girl You Know it’s True” are songs that those of us who were children of the eighties and early nineties can not help but love. We just might want to keep our sentiments to ourselves, something that can easily be done by not singing aloud and, dare I say, lip singing instead.

Don’t Worry be Happy (Bobby McFerrin): This song is addicting, it’s like nicotine (not that I’ve ever smoked but I’ve seen the after school specials). “Don’t Worry be Happy” may be one of the more annoying songs to come out of the music industry according to some people, but according to others itÂ’s a cheerful, fun, and easy to memorize song. It’s also a song that perpetuates one small fact: any song you can whistle along to is totally awesome. Put “Don’t Worry be Happy” on your Ipod and if anyone asks if you have it, don’t worry be in denial.

She’s Like the Wind (Patrick Swayze): After seeing Dirty Dancing, we all knew that ol’ Patrick could cut a rug, but who knew he could also sing on key. “She’s Like the Wind” is an example of a song that we all seemed to like at first, but the second we realized the singer was Patrick Swayze, the song became far too cheesy: we found ourselves turning on Patrick faster than he could say, “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” Still, “She’s Like the Wind” is a nice, mellow, romantic song to have in your Ipod collection: just keep it your dirty little secret.

Jennifer Jordan is a senior editor for []. Possessing an infatuation with pop culture – and a gift for stalking – she keeps up on the latest news of the musical world.

Glad – Easter Song

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Christian Dance Music

Pastor called to Spanish music ministry
He preaches with a Hebrew prayer shawl in Spanish and English to a small congregation of fervid followers at Calvario Christian Center in Victoria.
soulcleansed – He’ll Be Waiting – Christian dance music

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Christian Online Radio

“That is just plain rude!” was the event planner’s reply when I mentioned that I didn’t have an introduction prepared for her in advance. She continued, “You know everything there is to know about you. Did you think I had time to go figure all of that out?!”

I took those stinging words to heart and have never since burdened an event planner with what is clearly the speaker’s responsibility.

By following the simple steps below, you will not only save your host the hassle of hunting down details about your life, but you will insure that your audience is 100% primed and ready to receive the wonderful message you are prepared to share.

1. Write down your credentials for speaking to this group: Be honest, but do not be modest!! Include the most “impressive” things you have accomplished in your life.

2. Include your “published works”. People like to know if anyone else has ever thought your words were valuable. Where have you been quoted? If you are an author, what books have you written? What size was the largest audience to which you have spoken – or, maybe, how many times have you spoken? The more, the bigger, the better.

3. What are your activities that relate to this audience? For example, if you are speaking to a church group and you are active in your own church, include it!

4. Based on the topic, write down whatever it is that makes you the BEST person to speak on it. For example, if you give speeches about overcoming grief, include how you personally learned about the techniques you are going to provide.

5. Edit it down so that it flows easily and takes less than 60 seconds to read.

Here is my own intro as an example:

We know that you were all expecting _____________ to be our speaker, but, as many of you already know, s/he had to cancel due to a last minute emergency. Since 2001, Marnie Swedberg has only been available to us in this capacity, as a fill-in speaker, and we are absolutely delighted to have her with us!

Marnie is a popular speaker and media guest having done dozens of radio talk shows, sound bites, commercials and interviews, television home shows, news clips, plus keynotes and weekend retreats. She has been featured in magazines, newspapers and ezines and has personally written over 40 songs plus thousands of articles on a wide variety of topics related to family, faith and friends.

She started her first business at the age of 18 and currently manages the Swedberg family restaurant while lending extensive assistance at the family’s retail store and espresso café.

She homeschooled her three children while routinely entertaining over 100 guests per month. She has written and published 9 books and is webhostess of the largest online Christian Women’s Directory in the world. In addition, Marnie is the friend and mentor to over 14,000 Christian Women’s Ministry leaders from every denomination and continent, and her websites receive over one-half million hits per month.

As a Pinch Hit Speaker, she only travels to events where the original speaker had to cancel due to a last minute emergency. She has come to us, with just ___ hours/days notice, because our speaker, _________________, couldn’t make it.

Please help me welcome, Marnie Swedberg!

Meet Marnie Swedberg

Let Marnie help Event Planners find you:

KTRUTH ~ Christian Online Radio

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Christian Rock Music

If you’re looking for Christian gifts for loved ones, it is not as easy as it sounds, especially in a society which most are caught up with the past paced lifestyle and are non Christians. Whether the occasion is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or even just a housewarming, your gifts must state a message.

Fortunately, you are not always constrained with the conventional Bible or wall plaques or crucifixes now. The Christian products industry is now clever, and more and more products that say “Christian”, but not necessarily “Church”!

Here are a few Christian gift suggestions that are accessible in the market if you’re looking for Christian gifts to give to your loved ones!

Statement Shirts!

It is always fun when people stop to read your shirt. And it is good news that the Christian products industry had penetrated this. From graphic shirts to short phrases, like “I am Driven” or the famous, “I Pray” logo, this shirts are always fun! T-shirts are always a great gift to people who likes things that are always useful.


Classical Christian jewelry is always here to stay! From the contemporary silver jeweled cross to necklaces, Christian jewelry industry had evolved to other branches, like cufflinks, earrings, charm bracelets, even anklets! Christian jewelry are not always silver or gold, there are jewelries made of other materials, like gemstones, wood, even leather.

Accessories and Other Useful Items

Wallets, belt buckle even key chains! Everyday objects are now also being produced by the Christian products industry. Try giving them those water coolers with scriptures embedded on them! I can also suggest for a guy those ties that have savvy cross or fish prints or beautiful words such ah “hope” or “amazing grace”!

Christian Books

Most Christian books today are now talking in the language of a common man – the type that does not always state Bible scriptures and other too churchy stuff. However, they are equally inspiring and uplifting as the conventional ones! Try authors like Rick Warren or Bo Sanchez. Their books are always insightful and comprehensive. They also touch the heart very easily!


Clearly, the Christian music is evolving. More and more Christian artists now are exploring other musical genres, live pop, rock, jazz, country, even heavy metal! I personally listen to Jars of Clay and Newsboy!

Christian Inspirational Movies

The “Passion of the Christ” is outstanding but have you’ve heard of “Facing the Giants”? There are independent movies that are powered by God’s breath. These are also awesome movies, and although low-budget, bring great picture, music, and more importantly, story and message!

Although there are lots of Christian gifts in the market, you should always keep in mind the original intent. You are spreading awareness, and more importantly, spreading faith onto the people around you!

For The Hand-picked Gift Suggestions, visit Christian Gifts for Women and Christian Gifts for Men

Kyle’s Top 30 Christian/Christian Rock Songs (Opinion)

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