Acid Rock

Calcite in the limestone commonly originates from marine organisms but can also be present through groundwater that precipitated the material.

Calcite can either be precipitated or dissolved by ground water depending on several environmental factors. It can become less soluble as the water temperature increases -a peculiar characteristic. In the right conditions, calcite forms mineral coatings that glue the rock grains together or fill cracks and fractures in the stone.

*Limestone Colouring*

The varying colours prevalent in this stone derive from the impurities that are present, especially on weathered surfaces. These impurities can be clay, organic remains, sand and iron oxide. Formations of the stone can be crystalline, granular, clastic or massive and can be classified more precisely as Folk and Dunham.


Travertine is a variety of limestone found along the edges of water such as hot and cold springs, streams and waterfalls. The material can reform into marble during geographical shifts over time such as mountain building, and is more resistant then other sedimentary rocks, usually occuring amongst hills and typically amongst clay soils. Examples of huge formations can be seen at County Clare in Ireland, Malham Cove in North Yorkshire and the Isle of White. The material is also prevalent in Sweden, the United States and Vietnam.


Limestone is commonly used in architecture across the world in modern construction in Europe and North America and in many older landmarks such as the great pyramids in Egypt which are made entirely from the same. There is a city in Ontario, Canada that is nicknamed Limestone City because every building there is built from it. Limestone is relatively easy to work with and commonly available which is why it gets used extensively in construction despite the cost as it is an expensive material.

*Acid Rain*

Marble and limestone tiles are susceptible to acid rain because of their porous qualities, and this can be a huge problem for statues and buildings alike. When cleaning the stone, a neutral or mild alkaline solution should be used at all times to prevent further erosion of the rock.

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Rhythm Device – Acid Rock

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Pop Music Artists

Most of the people around the world are suffering with hectic and stressful daily life. They would like to relax their minds with some fine music. And also doctors are reporting that music has extreme powers to rectify the issues like anxiety, stress and many more. However, most of the people are treating this music as an entertainment. The drastic change in internet technology is giving a wide range of music from the world best professional musicians. There are some well established and well reputed websites are providing this major label artist music through online.

Those who are not having much knowledge in internet are listening these numbers through Radio. And also you can listen to old songs in radio also. Some of the people are interested to search for new music depending upon their choice. Most of the radio stations would like plays the Best of Indie rock and pop songs regularly. If you listened carefully, you will notice that you can hear these songs four to five times. Most of the people would like to listen to new Indie tracks in every part of the world.

The artists of Indie music are so much professional at their work, and they are in it to make art of music. Especially, the younger generations are having a more passion of Indie music. And now all over the world has been recognizing the art of the Indie music. From the past few years, the market of Indie music is growing worldwide. So many music album makers are looking for the best professional in Indie pop and rock music. Now I am not that jaded to think there is not any mainstream artist in it to make art or Indie artists to make money. This is the main reason behind growing rate of Indie music listeners. And also with the new albums, they have a wide range of choice to choose from. If you want to learn about Indie artist, blogs are the best way to learn.

Most of the professional Indie musicians are interested to make albums with local bands.They are encouraged by some esteemed album makers; this would help them to expand their tastes by researching new music and give other styles of music a chance.For this instance, the internet technology will help you to get great resources just what you want. Finally, there are some well established an excellent website in internet are offering this music for free of cost. However, you need to pay a few dollars for additional services. For more information, please visit their web site.

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VOLARE, Elfa’s Jazz & Pop Singers, Indonesia

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Industrial Rock

Techies rock
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MDFMK – Witch Hunt

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Pop And Rock Music

Jazz music that was rooted in the blues, evolved into New Orleans, RAG time, boogie woogie, dixie and swing. Then, in the early decades of the 1940s, jazz entered be bop era. Be bop music was the outlet of the Negro protest in the United States. The atmosphere of World War II made all of society and the musicians frustrated.

Therefore, in a period of 40s, the arcing of new musical forms – one of them was jump band – occurred. Jump band itself was the form of music group that brought the band music of humor and usually contained elements of porn in the lyrics. Then, jump band music branched out into R & B and inspired the form of rock’n’roll that was also a continuation of the development of boogie woogie in the direction of pop or rock music.

In be bop jazz, the limits that were applied in swing jazz were de-emphasized. Be bop jazz was also more expressive and inclined to be more progressive. Thus, since the time, progressive jazz term emerged and jazz music entered into the modern jazz era.

The emergence of rock music and its popularity throughout the world in 1946 were the toughest rival of jazz to keep going and growing. Finally, be bop collapsed and jazz became cool, so came the cool jazz term. Cool jazz lasted from 1949 until 1951. In those days, jazz experienced transition because of pressured by the popularity of rock music.

In modern jazz era or the ’60s era, a new form of music – called as soul and funk – arose. Soul music arose from the influence of the gospel church with blues influence. Meanwhile, funk music had ‘louder than a pin prick’ meaning. It was understood associated with the worldliness because funk was more inclined to commercial.

In addition to these musical forms, there was form of music that was still loyal to the major groove of jazz, eventually called as the hard bop.

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Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment (Official Music Video) Lyrics

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Country Decorating

This weekend, after months of trials and tribulations, the latest addition to Madonna’s growing brood, Mercy, commenced her new life in New York. A source from The Sun revealed that Madge wanted Mercy “to feel like a little princess when she arrives,” and from what we’ve seen, the new Mum pulled out all the stops. The youngster barely had time to think when she arrived, as her new siblings Lourdes, twelve, Rocco, eight and David, three, threw her a welcome tea-party in Madonna’s $37 million New York townhouse.

It comes as no surprise that Madge wants the best for her newly adopted daughter. Reports reveal that the singer has created a whopping wish list in order to provide Mercy with the most fabulous boudoir she could hope for. Items on the list include porcelain dolls, antique teddy bears, a library of leather-bound children’s books and ancient maps of Africa to adorn the walls. It’s comforting to know that Madge wants her baby girl to remember her Malawian roots.

As well as all the items inside, Madonna has also commissioned a garden tree house for Mercy and fellow Malawian brother David. At least that way, the children who are used to open savannas, can get a taste of nature from the confines of their new Upper East-Side address.

And it doesn’t stop there! Apparently Madonna was so impressed with how pal and fellow mum Gwyneth Paltrow had decked out Apple’s bedroom in her Hamptons home, that she has roped the actress in for some serious ‘Gwynterior design’ inspiration. With the Goop Goddess and the Material Girl on board, we’re vouching that Mercy’s new pad is going to be tip-top.

Lucy Chekechiwa, the maternal grandmother of Chifundo “Mercy” James, said that the family never agreed to put the four-year-old up for adoption on a permanent basis. She said she had long fought to keep Mercy, whom the southern African country’s highest court ruled that Madonna could adopt earlier this month, and that she had only recently given up her long battle to keep her.

She said: “The initial agreement was that Mercy was to be kept in the orphanage for six years. After six years Mercy was supposed to be brought back here and then I would have taken care of her. “At first I didn’t want her to go but as a family we had to sit down and reach an agreement and we agreed that Mercy should go. “The men insisted that Mercy be adopted and I won’t resist anymore. I still love Mercy. She is my dearest.”

Speaking in a Channel 4 documentary – Madonna and Mercy: What Really Happened – to be broadcast on Monday, Miss Chekechiwa added that she had fought against the adoption for three years but had finally agreed to let Mercy go. She said that Madonna came across Mercy at an orphanage during her first visit to Malawi in 2006 with her then husband, Guy Ritchie, and decided that Mercy was “the one”.

However, Miss Chekechiwa refused to let the little girl go at that stage, so Madonna instead returned home with David Banda, whose family had not raised such strong objections. Miss Chekechiwa’s daughter, Mwandida, was Mercy’s mother. She fell pregnant aged 14 to an older student at school, but died from complications of childbirth days after Mercy was born.

Mercy’s father, James Kambewa, claims he was told that Mercy too had died and only learned the truth after being tracked down by journalists in April. He now says he wants his daughter back. He told Channel 4: “I am not supporting the adoption because I am still alive. I don’t see any justification why the girl should be adopted. “But on the other hand when I learnt that my daughter is still alive I was very happy and I think I still need to raise her. “It’s true that a child needs both parents but that doesn’t stop me from taking care of Mercy. I know I’m capable. I can do that.” The programme also investigates the links between the adoption and the Kabbalah-sponsored Raising Malawi charity, whose co-founder is Michael Berg, the co-director of the Kabbalah Centre.

Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer. Her current area of specialism is pool tables, mirrors and carpets

French Country Decorating,

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